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    Once I have a Hue system at home, how do I add my new Hue light to my system?

    Before you get started please make sure your Hue lightstrip plus is connected to electricity. When the Hue lightstrip plus is shining bright white light, you are ready to connect it to the Hue bridge


    Follow these steps to connect the Hue Lightstrip to the Hue bridge using the Philips Hue app.


    1. Open the Philips Hue app and navigate to the “settings” tab.
    2. Tap on “light setup” and then tap on “Add light” to add a new Hue light to your Hue system.
    3. Try searching for your Hue light by tapping the “search” button.


    If the light was found

    The next step is to add the Hue light to one of your rooms, so it can be controlled using the Philips Hue app, Hue accessories or any of our partner integrations.


    1. Go back to the main “setting” screen
    2. Tap on “room setup”
    3. Tap on the room you want to add the Hue lightstrip plus to OR create a new room
    4. Tap on the Hue lightstrip plus, when the checkbox becomes checked the Hue lightstrip plus will be added to the room upon pressing “save” in the top right corner of the screen.
    5. Your Hue lightstrip plus is now ready to be used.
    6. Enjoy!


    If the light was not found

    If you are sure that your Hue lightstrip is plugged into electricity but can still not be found by the Hue app you can try the following steps to connect it to the Hue system:


    1. Tap on “add light” in the “light setup” screen inside settings
    2. Tap on “+ Add serial number”
    3. Enter the 6 characters/digits that are writing on the receiver box of the Hue lightstrip plus (The small white block closer to the Hue lightstrip, i.e. not the power adapter).
    4. Tap on “Done” after entering the serial number
    5. Tap on “Search” at the bottom of the screen.


    Light was not found even with entering the serial number

    If the light could not be found even while entering the correct serial number there is a chance that the Hue lightstrip plus is out of reach of the Hue bridge (wireless signal might not reach that far or can be blocked by heavy walls/objects).


    You can either try moving the Hue lightstrip plus closer to the Hue bridge and searching for it again or you can try moving other Hue lights between the Hue bridge and the Hue lightstrip plus as Hue lights extend the wireless signal of the Hue bridge.


    Tried everything but still could not find your Lightstrip?

    Something else might be wrong, we recommend to reach out to customer care for additional support or a possible replacement of the Hue lightstrip plus if it still falls within warranty.

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