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    Where can I find and install Hue Sync?

    Go to www.meethue.com/entertainment/hue-sync and download Hue Sync on your Windows PC or Mac computer. When installed, run the program and make a connection with your Philips Hue bridge.


    Note 1:

    Your Windows PC or Mac computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Philips Hue bridge V2 is. The bridge V2 is the square shaped Philips Hue Bridge. In case you have the round version, you have an older generation bridge that does not work with entertainment


    Note 2:
    Accept firewall message/pop up to allow Hue Sync to have network communications.

    Note 3 – Mac computer only:
    Follow the pop-up messages to enable Hue Sync in ‘System Preferences’ > ‘Security & Privacy’. On ‘Privacy’ > ‘Accessibility’ > tab click the lock on the left bottom and enable Hue Sync for screen sync. Optionally, on the general tab allow System Extension by Philips Lighting BV for music sync.

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