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    I got an error in the Hue Sync application that the Nvidia video card profile is invalid/not supported. What can I do?

    The reason is that you are probably using a second video card outside of the integrated one of your Windows PC or Mac computer. Follow the steps and you’ll be able to use Hue Sync.


    1. Close Hue Sync by right clicking on the tray icon on your computer and selecting 'Quit'
    2. Open NVIDIA Control Panel by right clicking on desktop and selecting 'NVIDIA Control Panel'
    3. On the left side of the screen select 'Manage 3D settings'
    4. On the center of the screen select the 'Program Settings' tab and then press 'Add' under 'Select a program to optimize'
    5. Select 'Hue Sync' and press 'Add selected program'
    6. Under 'Select the preferred graphics processor for this program' select 'Integrated graphics'
    7. Select 'Apply' and restart Hue Sync




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