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    What the “Restore factory setting” button on the back of the Hue bridge does?

    The Hue Bridge is “the heart” of your Hue system, the Philips Hue app talks to the Hue bridge which in turn controls your Hue lights.


    Only use the “Restore factory settings” button if you want to reset the Hue bridge to factory defaults


    • All preferences and configuration on your Hue bridge will be erased. Things like scenes, routines, widgets & room configuration will be forgotten.


    Your Hue lights and Hue accessories will need to be reconnected to the Hue bridge after a factory defaults reset has occurred.


    Previously connected Hue lights & Hue accessories might require serial number in a manual search before they can be found by any Hue bridge.


    We strongly advise that you only factory reset the Hue bridge after you’ve been recommended to do so by our customer support agents.

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