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    Why do I need to keep my system up to date with software updates?

    You need to update your system in order to be up to date with the latest security improvements and functionalities. The Philips Hue ecosystem uses industry standard encryption and authentication techniques to ensure that unauthorized persons cannot gain access to your Philips Hue products. Philips Hue only connects to the internet securely via our cloud, so devices in your home cannot be seen from the open internet. We keep our Hue products regularly updated with the latest security fixes and patches and we recommend all our consumers opt in for these by linking the Philips Hue bridge to a account ('Settings' > 'Out of home control') and regularly checking and installing the Philips Hue app updates using the software update section in the settings screen of the app. In order to see what a software update improves, in your Hue app go to 'Settings' > 'Software update' > 'Release Notes'. Here you will find the latest software versions and descriptions per product.
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