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    How do I connect my Hue lights to Alexa?

    Setting up Alexa with your Hue lights is simple! You will need to have the Hue app generation 2 installed and linked to your bridge. Make sure that your Hue bridge, Alexa and the device you are using are all connected to the same WiFi network. 

    Open the Alexa app and from the menu select Smart Home > Configure Smart Home > Smart Home Skills > Enable Skills > search for the Hue Skill > Enable Skill. If you do not have a Hue account create one, otherwise enter your Hue account credentials. Follow the prompts to complete the setup.

    Once the device is connected, you can discover your devices. You can ask Alexa to “discover devices”, or you can select “Discover” on the Smart Home page in the Alexa app. The discovery will recall all of your lights, rooms and scenes, so don’t worry if the list looks long. 

    After a successful discovery, you can then control the device with your voice. Alexa work with all Hue lights, you can find some example sentences in the Skill description. 

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