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    Can you connect the Philips Hue luminaires through a Hue bridge?

    Yes, all Hue luminaires can be connected through a Hue bridge and become part of the Hue ecosystem. However all Hue connected luminaires are provided with a remote control switch* in the box in order to allow a plug & play solution, to immediately enjoy benefits such as the 4 pre-loaded light recipes (relax, read, concentrate, energize) and the dimmability function to reduce and increase the intensity of the light, without a Hue bridge. The bridge can be purchased separately and added to the system at any time to guarantee access to the full Hue ecosystem. To add a connected luminaire, go to 'Settings' > 'Accessory setup' > 'Add accessory' > 'Hue dimmer siwtch' > 'Option 2' and follow the onscreen instructions and the Hue dimmer switch and the Hue luminares  already connected to this Hue dimmer switch will automatically be added to your Hue ecosystem.

    *Except for the 1-lighter “Extension Spot” models Pillar and Runner.

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