Lamp/Luminaire release notes

Oct 3, 2016

Software version(s):,,,, 1.15.2_r19181 and 1.16.1_r19181.


  • Related products are Hue A19, Hue GU10, Hue Go, Hue Beyond, BR30, LightStrip plus and Hue connected luminaires
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements


Dec 3, 2014
Software version: 66013452


  • Related products are hue A19 and BR30 downlight bulbs and Friends of hue: LightStrips and Living Colors (Bloom, Iris and Aura)
  • hue Tap range is extended if lamp in between Tap and bridge is powered
  • Faster start-up when using the wall switch
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements