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    Hue Sync release notes

    December 14, 2018

    Hue Sync 1.2


    • Added feature to automatically start light sync when certain games launch
    • From 1.2 onwards, feedback can be given in section under “Settings” or via the automatic pop-up after a sync session.
    • Under “Settings” previously received notifications can be found. Also, there is an opt-in and opt-out function for two types of notification.
    • Video and audio algorithm improvements.
    • Fixed several UI and stability related issues.


    October 05, 2018
    Hue Sync 1.1


    • Added new entertainment scenes under the “Scenes” Tab
    • Added configurable delay under settings
    • Implemented option to automatic start light sync when Hue Sync is opened
    • Improved the light effects when watching darker content
    • Improved the music algorithm and updated the color pallets under “Audio”
    • Small design and performance improvements
    • Fixed audio output device issues for Mac
    • Fixed several bugs related to crashes