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    Amazon Alexa
    The Google Assistant
    Apple Homekit

    Amazon Alexa

    How do I connect my Hue lights to Alexa?

    To connect Philips Hue to your Alexa, you will need the latest version of the Hue app and a Hue Bridge v2 (square-shaped). Your Alexa device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Hue Bridge. Enable the Hue skill in your Alexa app. If you do not have a Hue account, you will be required to create one. Follow the prompts to complete the setup.Once the device is connected, ask Alexa to "discover devices" or select "Discover" in the Alexa app. This will display all of your lights, Rooms, and scenes. After a successful pairing, you can control your lights with your voice.

    Can I add two Hue Bridges to Alexa?

    No. You are only able to connect one Hue Bridge to your Alexa.

    Does Philips Hue Bluetooth work with Amazon Alexa?

    Yes, Philips Hue Bluetooth smart lighting works directly with Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Echo Plus and Echo Show (2nd Gen), with support for additional Echo devices available in the fall. Simply, power on the light and say ‘Alexa, discover my devices’. We advise to connect and control up to 5 lights for the best experience. For additional lights we recommend upgrading to a Philips Hue Bridge and connect to Alexa via the Philips Hue skill.

    The Google Assistant

    How do I connect my Hue lights to Google Assistant?

    To connect Philips Hue to your Google Assistant, you will need your Google Assistant-enabled device and a Philips Hue Bridge v2 (square-shaped). Open the Google Home app and navigate to the Home Control section in the menu. Press the plus icon to add a device, then scroll to search for Philips Hue. Log in with your My Hue account to automatically search for your Rooms. Follow the on-screen instructions to assign your Google Assistant to your preferred Rooms. After successful setup, you can use your voice to control your lights through your Google Assistant.

    Google Assistant doesn't understand my Hue light commands.

    If you are having trouble with Google Assistant understanding you when trying to control your lights, we recommend renaming your lights to names that do not include numbers, special characters, or colors, as these can be misunderstood by Google Assistant.

    Does Philips Hue Bluetooth work with the Google Assistant?

    Not at launch, but compatibility for Hue Bluetooth with Google Home and Google Nest devices is coming soon. We continue to fully support the Google Assistant in combination with a Hue Bridge and our new Bluetooth products will work with the Google Assistant when connected to a Hue Bridge as you’re used to.

    Apple Homekit

    What is Apple HomeKit?

    Apple HomeKit is an app that comes standard on your iPhone or iPad. It allows you to control all your smart home’s smart devices and accessories — including Philips Hue. Turn your lights on and off, set a scene, or use routines within Apple HomeKit.

    How do I connect my Hue lights to Apple HomeKit?

    To connect Philips Hue to Apple HomeKit, you need the Philips Hue app (version 9.3 or higher) and the Bridge v2 (square-shaped). Open the Philips Hue app and navigate to Settings > HomeKit and Siri. Follow the on-screen prompts to create a new Home for Siri voice control. Apple HomeKit automatically opens your camera so you can scan the HomeKit code found on the bottom of your Philips Hue Bridge. After successfully pairing your HomeKit to your Bridge, you can control your lights with your voice using Siri.

    My Hue Bridge cannot be found in HomeKit.

    Make sure that your mobile device is connected to the same router to which your Hue Bridge is connected. The router must be able to support Apple’s Bonjour software, which allows you to discover other devices and services on the network. If your router does not support this feature, you will not be able to use HomeKit.

    Siri reports that some of my Philips Hue lights are not responding.

    Check that all of your lights are connected to power and switched on. If you still receive this error, contact the Meethue Support Center.

    What do I need to use my Hue lights with Apple HomeKit?

    You will need:


    - Philips Hue Bridge v2 (square-shaped)
    - iOS device with version 9.3 or higher
    - Apple HomeKit app
    - An active internet connection


    Go to Settings > HomeKit & Siri and follow the on-screen instructions to pair your Philips Hue app with HomeKit.


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