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    How does the RF (Zigbee) work outdoors? I sometimes even have issues indoors.

    Like all Hue products they function as a mesh network (relaying light commands from one light to another light) and every Hue product has RF (Zigbee) capabilities.


    Please keep the following instructions in mind when installing Hue outdoor products.

    • Always place the first Hue outdoor product within 10 meters of your Hue bridge or a maximum 10 meters from the last Hue light point in your house.
    • Between every Hue outdoor light, you can have a maximum of 20 meters distance.
    • It is important that there are no metal objects between your bridge/light point and your Hue outdoor lights.



    If you still run into any issues you can place a Hue light or other hue product close to your window to strengthen the outdoor signal. This light needs to be powered and parts of your Hue system.


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