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    How does the order exchange process work?

    In the case of a defective/ faulty product being purchased or delivered, you can request a replacement of the same product or a full refund. Please follow the below steps:




    1. Contact the Meethue Support Phone Center to request a refund or replacement, report details for refund requests (damaged, unsatisfied, wrong delivering etc.).
    2. The call center will send you the return order number and shipping label for the product to be returned (Shipping label is only needed if you choose UPS as shipping carrier).
    3. When the returned product is received, a return confirmation email will be sent to you.
    4. Once the returned product is received and checked, a replacement order and a replacement confirmation email will be sent to you, or your refund payment will be processed.
    5. You will receive the new order with the replaced product, or funds will be sent to your payment method in the case of a refund.


    For more information, read our General Terms & Conditions of Sale, or contact the Meethue Support Phone Center.

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