Brighten your holidays with Philips Hue and the Google Assistant

    Control your lights with your voice


    Control all the lights in your room with just your voice. Simply pair your Google Assistant with Philips Hue in the Google app. 

    Just say “Hey Google” 


    Take your Google Assistant with you across devices to manage your whole day and ask it to do things like control your Hue smart lights.

    Unlock the power of light 


    Turning the lights on/off with your voice is just the beginning. You can also tell the Google Assistant to dim the lights, activate a lighting scene, and much more.

    “Hey Google, movie night” 

    Use the Hue app to create a custom room scene like movie night. Just dial in your favorite light settings, call it “movie night” and that's it! Whenever you say “Hey Google, movie night," you'll enjoy the perfect ambiance in an instant.


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