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"Hey Siri, turn on the lights"


Control your Hue lights through Apple HomePod — from a single light bulb to the whole house — with just your voice.

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Discover the features that Apple HomeKit unlocks for your Philips Hue lights. Use voice-control through Siri, or link Philips Hue to other HomeKit enabled accessories in the iOS Home app and take control of your home. All you need is the square-shaped Philips Hue bridge and an Apple HomeKit-enabled device.
Philips Hue works with Apple Homekit

Works with Apple HomeKit

Control your Philips Hue lights and other HomeKit-enabled accessories using Siri on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or HomePod. Just say: "Hey Siri, turn on the lights". You can also dim to the desired brightness or recall your pre-set scenes. Even tell Siri to set up for a party.
Group your lights - Apple Home lighting control

Easily group lights

Group your lights by room in the iOS Home app, so you can easily control lights and other devices in any part of your home by a single tap or voice command. You can for example ask Siri to “Turn on my bedroom lights” in the morning when you wake up.
Control lights with iphone app

Control more than lights

Your Philips Hue accessories can be used to control your iOS Home app scenes, which can include your Hue lights and other smart home devices. Turn on the lights, close the blinds, and set the thermostat to the desired temperature. It’s up to you.

About Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit technology provides an easy, secure way to control HomeKit-enabled accessories from any of your iOS devices. With the Home app, you can easily and securely control all your HomeKit accessories. Ask Siri to turn off the lights from your iPhone. See who’s at the front door on your iPad. And even control things remotely with the help of Apple TV. The Home app makes all your connected devices work harder — and smarter — for you. For the best HomeKit functionality you can set up an Apple TV, iPad or HomePod as your home hub.
Apple HomeKit

How to set it up


Setting up a HomeKit accessory to work with the Home app is simple and secure. Just scan the HomeKit code found directly on the accessory or in its instructions, and it’s instantly paired with your iOS device. The Home app will also recognize existing HomeKit accessories that have been set up using other apps. Watch the video to see how it works.

What you need to get started  

To get started with Philips Hue, all you need is a starter kit which includes smart light bulbs and a bridge.



HomeKit requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 8.1 or later.

Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. HomeKit is a trademark of Apple Inc.