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    Take binge watching to a new dimension with Philips Hue


    Color the lighting in your living room to enhance the show you’re watching with smart lighting

    Don't know what Philips Hue is? 
    Don't know what Philips Hue is?
    Save 20% with the New to Hue Entertainment Bundle
    New to Hue? Get into the on screen action with this starter bundle which includes the Hue Play doublepack in white and two White and Color Ambiance A19 bulbs along with the Hue Bridge for full control.
    $289.96 $229.99
    Save 20% with the Expand Hue Entertainment Bundle
    Expanding your existing Hue system? This bundle includes the Hue Play doublepack in White, along with the Hue Go and two White and Color Ambiance A19 bulbs. Place in your entertainment area for a truly immersive binge watching experience.
    $309.96 $249.99

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    To get started with Hue entertainment you’ll need our square-shaped bridge and white and color ambiance lights. We also advise using the latest generation of Hue products for richer colors.

    Focus on the action


    Set the scene for watching your favorite TV shows. With Hue you can choose from 16 million colors or dim the lights to the perfect level to enhance what is happening on the screen by using the Hue app or a voice assistant.

    Focus on the action

    Here are your home theater essentials​


    You can achieve colorful ambient smart lighting for binge watching by placing Hue Play or Lightstrips behind your TV. You can also choose from Hue Go and Signe to place alongside.

    theater essentials​

    Use the new Hue Labs Cinema Scene​


    You recently voted for a Hue Labs scene created for watching your favorite TV show or movie, and here it is! The new Cinema Scene turns on the designed scene you selected for viewing and slowly dims down the lights. Bonus: You can even choose to snooze your indoor motion sensor so the lights don’t brighten during the show. (Bridge required)​

    labs cinema