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Gaming Room Lighting Ideas

Feb 22, 2019
Gaming Room

Every console or PC game enthusiast will want an ideal gaming area set up that enables them to make the most out of their gaming experience. Whether you have a room dedicated to gaming or not, these gaming room lighting ideas will allow you to customize your gaming set up for the best output.

Play with colors!

Programmable color-changing LED lights are perfect to create the best atmosphere needed to enjoy a highly engaging and immersive gaming experience. With many options available, you can choose the type of LED lights that compliment the size & style of your gaming area. 

LED strips

Lightstrip ideas for gaming room

Install self-adhesive smart LED light strips at the back of your screen, system and the dark edges of the furniture in your gaming room and program them to match the action on screen. They create an incredible backlight even when you take a break from your gaming spree!

Light bars

Hue Play - gaming room lightingSmart LED light bars can make gaming incredibly enjoyable for any PC gaming enthusiast - single or co-op / multiplayer. Programmable light bars can be placed on the floor or next to your monitor to wash your walls with color-changing lights that respond to what's happening on your screen.

Synchronize your lights with games and enhance your gaming experience with Philips Hue Sync. Read more.

Task lights

Task lightingEvery room needs some task lighting—gaming rooms are no exception. Be sure to put in some table lamps in your space for the times when you need to do some offline reading or tasks. This is another area where you can infuse style. 

Tip: Do add general lighting fixtures like ceiling light or recessed spotlights in certain parts of your room use dimmer switches to change the brightness, warmth and everything in between as you need it. Dimmer switches are also good for creating ambiance if your gaming room is more old-fashioned than high tech.

It’s also important to take frequent breaks from screens to give your eyes the chance to rest. If you’re in the middle of a marathon and can’t step away, try focusing on a point beyond your screen for as long as you can to give your eyes mini breaks.

Match your fixtures with your room’s theme

If your video gaming room is futuristic, a chrome or nickel lamp would be well suited. You can take the theme to greater levels than in other rooms since this is such as specialty space. If you think it would look over the top in another room, it will probably look right at home in your gaming room.

Accessorize your gaming area

Make sure to add gaming accessories like a keyboard, headset, mouse and others that are equipped with LED lights. Try to strike a balance between your warm and cool elements and you’ll create a cozy gaming room in no time.