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Three tips to get Back-to-school ready
with smart lighting    

Smart lighting for back to school.
The Hue Starter Kits have everything you need to get back to school! 

Use the Hue app to select pre-set scenes
for your 
back-to-school routines

Philips Hue app - School night routines
Bedtime Routine

Tip 1: Use Light to Readjust Your Kids' Bedtime Routine

Smart lighting can help provide the structure and support you need to get your kids in bed on time.  Simply use your Hue app to set a weekday routine to turn the lights to the Relax pre-set scene an hour before bedtime - creating the perfect environment to help your kids wind down.

Tip 2: Use Cool Shades of Light During Study Time

You can help your children focus on their studies by exposing them to cool white lighting (or "daylight"). According to Harvard Health*, blue wavelengths can boost attention, reaction times and mood. To support good study habits, put on the Concentrate light scene in your Hue app.
Study Time
Bedtime Routine

Tip 3: Steer Clear of Blue Light at Night for a More Restful Sleep

The same Harvard study* also documents that cooler, blue-toned light suppresses melatonin production, which can throw your circadian rhythm out of whack. In short, the science here points to one thing: to help have a more restful night's sleep, stay away from blue light (like phones, screens or actual blue lights) after sundown.
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