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    I purchased a Hue spot/Hue bollard which has a power supply, how do I install this?

    All the Hue products come with a manual showing you how to install them. If you no longer have the manual, you can find a digital version on our page. We have also created some how-to videos that you will be able to find on our website:


    The spot and bollard are both low voltage. Begin by installing the Hue luminaire where you would like to place it. Once this is done you can connect the Hue luminaire to your power outlet. At that time, you can also connect it to your Hue bridge so you can control it and set it to any color you like.


    Note: Low voltage basically means that the main voltage (120v-240v) is converted to a lower voltage (24v). You can add a maximum of 5 light points to 1 power supply, with a maximum wire length of 35 meters.

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