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Tell the world’s best bedtime story ever. In fact don’t just tell it, make it come to life with 16 million colors. With Philips Hue.

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Philips Hue is the personal wireless lighting system that gives you full control over every aspect of your lighting. Create just the right setting, mood or ambiance for any moment. Meet the world’s most connected light.

Play with 16 million colors

Play with 16 million colors   


There’s no end to the ways you can play with light when you have 16 million colors at your fingertips. Add playfulness to a bedtime story, match your team’s colors on game day, or turn a wall in your home into a décor feature by painting it with light. If you can imagine it, Philips Hue can do it.

Limitless possibilities

Limitless possibilities

Play with 16 million colors or set any shade of white light from cool energizing daylight to relaxing, warm white light. All with one bulb. Match the color of your light to suit your mood or your interior design. Then save your favorite light settings and recall them whenever you want with the tap of a finger.
Hue can do it

Hue can do it

The possibilities don’t stop at color. You can also control your lights in many ways. From your bedroom, your backyard, even from the other side of the world. Philips Hue lights can also be automated. To help you wake up and fall asleep gently, or make it seem like you’re home when you’re not. It’s all so easy with Philips Hue.

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How to install a Philips Hue starter kit

How to install a Philips Hue starter kit?

How to add more lights to the Philips Hue app

How to add more lights to the Philips Hue app?