Works with IFTTT


We’re thrilled to announce that IFTTT is now a Friend of Hue.

Congratulations to our #HueonIFTTT winners!


A huge congrat-Hue-lations to Chase Ator, who has been chosen as the winner of our #HueOnIFTTT competition. Well done Chase, and enjoy the €2,000 worth of Hue kit you’ve won!


Well done too to our runners up Alexander Donaldson and @EvanPlus, who both win €500 worth of Hue products.


Chase’s winning idea:


I would use IFTTT to use my calendar events to trigger different ways for me to wake up in the morning. If I'm supposed to go on a run, it would only turn on the lights that would get me from my bed, to my running clothes, to the door. If I'm supposed to make a big breakfast it would light up the path from my bed to the kitchen. Philips Hue would be my guide.

If This Then That

Make your life easier by connecting Philips Hue with IFTTT. Create fun, relevant and personal Applets for your Philips Hue lights. When something happens, your lights can inform you. Curious what IFTTT can do for you? Just have a look at the most popular Philips Hue Applets below.
If This Then That


IFTTT, also known as “if this then that”, gives you creative control over the products and apps you love. IFTTT Applets are simple connections between products and apps. When something happens in one application, an IFTTT Applet can update it in another.

What do you need?

All you need to get started is a Philips Hue starterkit with a bridge. Just screw the Hue bulbs in your exisitng sockets, power up your bridge and connect it to IFTTT.
What do you need
If it begins to rain then change the light colors to blue
Get a rainy weather update and the IFTTT Applet will turn your lights blue so you remember to take an umbrella with you to work.
Turn your Hue lights on when you get close to home
Automatically turn on your Philips Hue lights when you arrive home. You can also create an Applet to turn off your lights when you leave.
Every night at 12:00 AM turn the lights off
Never accidently leave the lights on in your home while you are sleeping.
Once I've slept enought turn on my bedroom light
Connect your wearables to Philips Hue through IFTTT and it will automatically turn on your lights in the morning when you have reached your sleep goal.
Automatically turn on your lights at sunset
Never be left in the dark. Whenever the sun starts to set, your Philips Hue bulbs will automatically turn on. You can also create an Applet to turn off your lights at sunrise.
Press a button to make your Hue lights color loop
This makes a widget you can add to the home screen on your phone. Then you can press the button to make your Hue lights dance as they do a color loop of rainbow colors. Party time!
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