• What is Hue Phoenix?

    Philips Hue Phoenix is a connected tunable white light that enables you to instantly create and adapt the light setting to help you work, read, relax or get energized for the day ahead. With access to the full spectrum of biological white light ranging from warm white light to cool day light at the swipe of a finger via the Hue app, Philips Hue Phoenix also benefits from all the innovative connected features of Philips Hue. Through your smart device, you can sync your lights with more than 200 third party apps or simply create ‘light notifications’ that tell you when it’s time to wake up.

  • What are the technical specs of Hue Phoenix?

    • Tunable white light 2100-6500K    
    • 4 Light Recipes 
    • Ultra smooth dimming
    • Lumen range from 450 (down light) to 3175 (ceiling light)
    • 80 CRI from 2000-4000K
  • What is tunable white light?

    Tunable white light is a technology that enables you to adjust the color temperature of white light in real time – the light recipes available through the app are examples of tunable white light. By having access to the full spectrum of white light and all of its color temperatures, you can use the Phoenix lights to produce warm white light with hints of yellow to create a calm atmosphere in your home, or crisp white light with hints of blue to help you focus on work. The choice is yours.

  • How is Philips Hue Phoenix different from Philips Hue lux?

    Philips Hue lux is a light bulb, not a luminaire, and it also delivers dimmable white light of the same color temperature (2700k). Philips Hue Phoenix delivers tunable white light that covers the full color spectrum of white light (2100 - 6500k).

  • How is this different from Philips Hue Beyond?

    Philips Hue Beyond delivers the full spectrum of colored light and tunable white light in a luminaire with two light sources – an up light and a down light. Philips Hue Phoenix specifically delivers tunable white light only and has one light source in the luminaire.

  • Is Philips Hue Phoenix dimmable?

    Yes, Philips Hue Phoenix has perfect dimming available through the Hue app. We do not recommend use of a wall dimmer switch with Philips Hue Phoenix as it may reduce the lifetime of the luminaire.

  • Does Philips Hue Phoenix provide colored light?

    Philips Hue Phoenix does not provide colored light – it is the first in a new range of connected lamps that specifically deliver white ambience through tunable white light.

  • Can you replace the light modules integrated into Philips Hue Phoenix?

    The light modules in Philips Hue Phoenix have a lifespan of over 15,000 hours, and whilst they cannot be replaced, they have been designed to last for an extraordinarily long time like all Philips LED products.  

  • Can I use my Hue Phoenix luminaires with a wall switch?

    Yes, but it is advisable not to do so, because timers and other settings are not activated if the luminaire is not powered on from the wall switch.

  • Can I use my Hue Phoenix luminaire(s) with a dimmer?

    No, please remove dimmers between mains and Hue Phoenix luminaires. Dimmers will reduce the lifetime of luminaires.

  • How do I know these products are safe for use in my home?

    Smart Philips LED lighting powers the products meaning all the lamps stay cool to the touch – with the added bonus of never having to be changed due to their extremely long-life and energy efficiency. Furthermore, all lighting products sold by Philips strictly conform to Global Home Lighting Safety Standards, thereby ensuring the safety of all those using the products.

  • Is Hue Phoenix safe for use in all areas of my home e.g. bedroom?

    Hue Phoenix is perfectly safe for every area of your home. The lamp is not flammable and it stays cool to the touch so there is no risk of Hue Phoenix overheating.

  • How do I know Hue Phoenix is not dangerous for my eyes?

    Hue Phoenix features glare free lens. Also, there is no IR radiation or UV present in the light beam.

  • Is Hue Phoenix an energy efficient solution for my home? 

    Yes, LED light is a pretty big energy saver, as each light bulb uses 80% less power at full brightness than a traditional light bulb, and if you dim the lights or use a different shades of white you’ll use even less, meaning you could save money in the long run.

  • How do I clean and maintain my Hue Phoenix?

    Most importantly when cleaning any lighting fixture - be certain that the electric current is turned off before attempting to clean any lamp and/or light.  We suggest that you clean any metal/plastic components with a soft cloth, moistened with a mild liquid soap solution. Wipe clean and buff with a very soft dry cloth.  

  • Can I adapt the cable length of the pendant?

    Yes, see the instruction manual. Height can be adapted up to 1600 mm (EU version) or up to 3000 mm (US version).

  • How to connect a Hue Phoenix to my Hue system?

    Any Hue Phoenix luminaire has to be commissioned to the bridge. In the app, got to “My lights” (Site menu -> settings -> My Lights) and press "Find my lights". The app will automatically find your lights. Select the light and edit the name to your liking.

  • Is my Hue Phoenix already connected to the Bridge?

    Hue Phoenix is not connected with a Bridge. To do so, open the app and go to “Settings” -> My lights -> + Connect new lights -> auto search. After several seconds the Hue Phoenix luminaire(s) will be found.

  • The Phoenix luminaires cannot connect automatically to the bridge. What can I do?

    If the Phoenix luminaire(s) are not found, open the app and go to Settings > My lights > Connect new lights > Manual search. Then you will need to put in the serial number (S/N) that is printed on the product label.

  • Do I need a bridge for the Hue Phoenix lights to work?

    If you install the Hue Phoenix light to your mains, you can switch the lamps on/off. However changing color temperature and all the added benefits of Hue will not be accessible to you unless you have a Hue bridge present. The Hue bridge can either be required via a starter set or bought seperately in certain stores. You can check on meetHue.com for retailers where you can buy a starter set or separate bridge.


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