• How do I prepare my system for Hue tap?

    Check your app to see which app software you have installed on your device in settings/about Hue.

    Verify on the release notes page that this is the latest app version. If not, download the latest app version from the app store / Google Play store.

    When you start up the app, you should get a notification that new software is available in the side menu. Please accept this update request. If you don’t get this notification straight away, please go to settings/my bridge/check for updates and you’ll get prompted to update in case your software is not up to date.

    You’re now ready to rock and roll with the latest software!

  • How do I add (connect) the tap to my Hue system?

    Go to the Hue app sidebar menu, select “Settings” -> “My devices” -> “+ Connect new devices”

    Follow the onscreen instructions that will ask you to press one of the 4 tap buttons for about 10 seconds.

    Once you release the button, your brand new tap should appear as 'Hue tap #' in the 'My devices' menu item. 

    A video detailing the required steps is available here.

  • I could not find the options “Switches” in the app.

    As tap is currently the only switch supported by the Hue App, you immediately see tap after selecting connect new devices. 

  • My tap does not respond.

    Likely, one of the buttons was pressed for a long time causing tap to disconnect form Hue system. No worries, you easily reconnect without losing your settings.

    • Got to the side menu, select “Settings” -> “My devices” -> “+ Connect new devices”
    • Follow app instructions, make sure to press the buttons firmly.
    • No new tap's are found, however the tap should be identified again.

    If it still not responds you can reset the behavior to default by going to “’Settings” - > “My bridge” -> “Clean up” -> “Clear all rules”.

  • How can I check what the programmed behavior of the buttons are on the tap?

    Go to the side menu, select “Settings” -> “My devices”. Select the related tap and select the button to see to which behavior it is programmed.

  • I have edited a scene that I have programmed on Hue tap but tap is still recalling the old scene. How can I fix this.

    To prevent that you or your spouse accidently change the behavior of tap by editing or deleting a scene, a copy of the original scene is programmed to the button of tap. 

    In order to use the edited scene for a button of tap please go to “Settings” -> “My devices”. Select the related tap and select the button of the tap, followed by “scene on” and select the edited scene from the list.

  • I would like to restore the programmed behavior of all my taps to default.

    Please go to “Settings” -> “My bridge” -> “Clean-up” and clear all rules.

    Note: This will clear all the rules!

  • What is a rule?

    When you press a button on your tap it will generate an action, e.g. scene on. This is called a rule. 

  • Is grouping of lux lamps not possible?

    It is currently not possible to group lux lamps in the official Hue app. We're continuously working on improving the app based on consumer and community feedback. Keep an eye out for further updates.

  • I don't see my Hue lux lamps on the color screen, where I see the Hue color pickers. Where have they gone?

    That's correct. They are not visible in your scene's light overview.

    On the bottom right there is an arrow (^) however. By tapping that or swiping up/down you can set the dim level for your Hue lux lamps (as well as regular Hue lamps). 

  • How can I save my favorite lux light setting?

    When you are in the ‘Lights’ screen then simply tap on ‘create’, select the lights you want to save in your setting, set the light setting you want to save and tap ‘Save’. Your newly saved scene is now accessible in the ‘scenes’ page.

  • How do I find timers and other functionality, I only see two dim sliders?

    On the top left you have a  button to access the side menu where functionality such as scenes, timers, alarms, etc., can be accessed.

  • Can I change the picture/icon for my lux scenes?

    Yes. Tap on the pencil on the right upper corner, tap the scene and tap ‘edit’. Then tap the camera icon on the left upper corner and choose from either the Philips library, or your own pictures by tapping the ‘Philips library’ dropdown menu. All your own albums are available for picture selection.

  • How do I activate geo-fencing?

    Tap ‘log in to my Hue’, tap ‘log in’, create a ‘my Hue’ account, tap geo-fencing, and allow access to your location data.

    Afterwards, tap on either ‘arriving’ or ‘leaving’. Then select a scene for ‘arriving’ and save the setting. Your Hue lux lighting will now turn on automatically when you get home.

    If you want your lights to automatically switch off when you leave home, activate that function and select which lamps you want to turn off. You'll walk out of the door with peace of mind from now on!

  • I have bought an additional Hue lamp to my Hue lux system. How do I include it in my existing scenes?

    Tap the pencil on the scene page, then choose which scene you'd like to add your Hue lamp to. tap edit, mark the check box for your new Hue lamp, then tap the arrow in the upper right corner/swipe down and select your favorite color or shade of white. Finish off by saving your scene.

    PS: Don’t forget to try out light recipes with your Hue lamps, to help you relax, concentrate, energize or read.

  • I have bought an additional Hue lamp to my Hue lux system. How do I create light recipes?

    To help you relax, concentrate, energize or read we have four light recipes for Hue lights. To access them go to Scenes screen, tap the ‘+’ button, tap ‘light recipe’, tap the arrow at bottom right/ swipe up, chose which Hue lamps to include in this scene by tapping the check box, tap arrow/swipe down, and chose which light recipe you would like to use. Finish by saving your light recipe.

  • I have bought an additional Hue lux lamp for my Hue system. How do I include it in my existing scenes?

    Tap the pencil on the app's scene page, then tap the scene you want to add your new lux lamp to. Tap edit, then the arrow in the lower right corner/swipe up, mark the check box for your Hue lux lamp and set the dimming level of your liking.

    Tap Save and you're now good to go.

  • I have removed my light from the light list but it is still reacting to my Hue tap?

    Go to side bar menu -> Settings -> My devices and select the related tap.

    Select button 2 and reassign the related scene to this button and press “save”

    Follow the same procedure for the other buttons too where a scene is used.

    P.s. alternatively, we advise you to remove the “deleted” light physically from your system.


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