My Hue go is off and it is not plugged into the mains. I want to turn it on with my smart phone or tablet, but it doesn't work. What should I do?

Hue go has 2 states when its light is off and it is not plugged into the mains:

  • Standby mode: 

- Hue go remains in this mode if the local control button is pressed for 2 seconds or if there has been less than 2 hours of inactivity (when unplugged from the mains).

- While in this state it can be controlled from the Philips Hue app, any 3rd party app and with the button on the product. 

  • Off state:

- After 2 hours in “Standby mode”, Hue go automatically goes into “Off” mode, to preserve battery.

- In this state Hue go cannot be controlled from any app on smart devices, nor respond to timers. It can only be turned on again by pressing the button on the Hue go.

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