General FAQs

  • How can I change the order of Hue widgets in my Phone or Apple Watch?

    The order of scene selection determines the order of how the widgets are displayed on your phone and thus also on your Apple Watch. Should you want to change that, you have to select your scenes in a different order.

  • I get the following text on my Apple Watch "Go to settings in the Hue app on your phone to configure this app", what must I do?

    Open the Hue app on your phone, go to side bar menu -> Settings ->  Widgets & Apple Watch and select the scenes in the order that you want to display the widgets.

  • I have saved my favorite light setting on my phone. How do I access it on my tablet?

    Create a ‘my Hue’ account. Log in with same account on all devices. Tap on ‘scene sharing’ notification or go to Settings, My app, and enable Scene sharing.

  • How can I remove/delete devices, like Hue tap, from my Hue system?

    Go to side bar menu -> Settings -> My devices.

    When tapping the trash icon the app goes into delete mode.

    Select the device you want to remove and follow onscreen instructions.

  • I cannot identify or connect my lights? 

    Please follow the flow described here or as a last resort, fetch your lights with the Hue Lamp Finder app below:

    Hue Lamp Finder for Windows

    Hue Lamp Finder for Mac/Linux

  • Where can I buy the product?

    Hue is available through Apple (in-store and online) in North and Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Japan and Hong Kong. Hue can also be bought on and in selected Apple Premium Resellers in different countries and locations. Have a closer look at the Where to buy section of the website in your language.

  • Is it compatible with iOS 7?

    Yes it is!

  • Where can I download the app?

    There are three options:

    - Go to
    - Go to the app store or Google Play and search for “Philips Hue”
    - Scan the QR code on the packaging and follow the get app links"

  • Can I control Hue from multiple devices?

    Maybe you want to control your lights through your phone and your tablet? Or via more than one phone? No problem. Just download the Hue app to each device and you’re good to go. You can control your Hue system via up to 10 devices.

  • I bought two starter kits. How can I make them work together?

    It is not possible to control two Hue kits simultaneously from one app. You can however have multiple independent kits with their own apps plugged into your home router.

  • Is it compatible with dimmers?

    The bulb is not suitable for use with (all) dimmers. Please note that Hue will work with some dimmers when set to full brightness. In case it doesn't work, we advise you to place the bulbs in different luminaires otherwise return the kit.

  • Timer/Alarm settings are not working anymore?

    When you have edited a scene you have to reprogram the timer/Alarms.

    Please go to the side menu, “Settings” -> “Alarms & Timers”. Select the Alarm which is disabled and remove this from the list and create a new Timer/Alarm for your scene.

  • My Timer/Alarm symbol is not visual anymore at my scene?

    Don’t worry the Timer or Alarm is still there. Go to the side menu and check your Alarms & Timers. 

  • How many lamps can I connect to one bridge?

    You can connect up to 50 lamps to one bridge (this includes friends of Hue products as well). We figured that was plenty for the average home.

  • Where is my geofencing?

    Don’t worry, geofencing settings are moved to the side menu.

  • Is there a limit to the number of scenes I can create?

    You can create up to 90 scenes, so we hope there’s enough for you to get creative.

  • How does Hue work with my phone camera?

    Hue can recreate colors from any image you give it. Choose from the preloaded scenes, pick one from your phone’s album or take a new photo and use that instead. Although that pic of a black cat on a black background at night probably won’t show Hue off in all its glory.

  • What connection do I need to have?

    We recommend you use Wi-Fi when at home to control the lights. You can also use mobile internet to control the lights, but it will be slower and you won’t be able to create new scenes. You need to be online with your phone or tablet to control the lights. In order to use the system out of home, make sure you’ve authorized both the bridge and app to the meetHue portal.

  • How close do I need to be to control my lights?

    If you’re within Wi-Fi range at home then you can control your lights. It doesn’t get more complex than that. And actually, you can still control your lights if you’re on the other side of the planet. In order to use the system out of home, make sure you’ve authorized both the bridge and app to the meetHue portal.

  • How can I control the lamps when I’m away from home?

    First, register on the Hue website. Then link your bridge to your Hue account. The next time you start the Hue app, go to the settings and choose "log in to portal. Log into your account, and you’re good to go. Please know that you will need to be connected to your home network when setting up out-of-home functionality for the first time. Also be advised that you need to have a 3G/4G connection to control your lights when you are not within reach of your Wi-Fi network.

  • Can I tell whether the lights are still on?

    Yes, you can. Just tap the slider at the bottom of the Hue app to check if your lights are off or on. Alternatively, visit the Hue website and log onto ‘My Hue’. From there you can see the status of all your lights.

    If you decide to switch off your lights at the wall light, or you unplug a freestanding light, then we won’t know what you’re lights are up to anymore but we'll let you know we can talk to this lamp anymore with a small warning sign. In which case, you can always tap “all off” to make sure all lights are switched off.

  • How do presets work?

    Yep, Hue can do that too. Go get creative. You can save up to 90 different light scenes. We hope that is enough to give you plenty of variety. To create a new scene, press the + button on the app home screen. Then let those creative juices flow. Saving your favorite lighting preferences - color, dim level, saturation - is simple, and you can do it for all your bulbs. You can select them yourself, take them from an image or use one of the presets that come with Hue.

    Once you have some preset light scenes, you can apply them to all your lights just by tapping on the scene. If you’re feeling really clever, why not also group your lights according to location in your home? Then you can apply a scene to the lights in one room and a different scene to the lights in another. Pretty smart, eh? You can also set a light to turn on or off at a set time of the day. Or maybe you want the light scene to gradually fade up or fade down. To help you wake up, maybe? Or even fall asleep?

  • My smart device ran out of power. What should I do?

    You can always switch your Hue lights on or off from the wall switch.

  • Can I turn on the lights without using the app on a smart device?

    You can always just turn your lights on or off via the wall switch. Or if you’re using freestanding lights, just plug them in to switch them on.

    You can also control your lights through the Hue website ( Just make sure you’ve enabled remote access.

  • There is no Wi-Fi signal in my basement. Can I still control my lights?

    The system has out of home functionality, so your phone can still operate the system even when you don't get your wi-fi signal. The lamps normally work wherever you have Wi-Fi signal of the network to which your bridge is connected. However, if you have a big house and are using Wi-Fi repeaters (range extenders), you might encounter issues. In this case, put an extra Hue bulb in-between the bridge and the bulb you are having difficulties controlling – this extra bulb will function as a “repeater” while giving beautiful light, too!

  • Can I turn on one single bulb?

    No problem. You can control each bulb individually and even make a scene just for it! Just tap the slider at the bottom of the main screen. If you’re on a mobile device rotate it to see the entire color spectrum.

  • Can Hue connect to my favorite music?

    Hue developers have already been busy creating "disco" apps to make your Hue bulbs respond to your favorite music. Just search for "Hue music" in the app store or Google Play Store and download.

  • Can the Hue light affect how I feel?

    When it comes to light, we know our stuff. And that includes the health and wellness benefits that light can offer. In fact, we’ve put the science into practice, with light projects in schools and hospitals. And it’s that very science we’ve squeezed into Hue settings we like to call LightRecipes. LightRecipes let you change the lighting for specific needs – to relax, concentrate, energize and read. Try it out for yourself. Just select one of the options on the phone and see how Hue can transform the space. And the way you feel. What’s even better is you can still tweak the settings of any LightRecipes so it’s tune perfectly for you.

  • Can Hue wake me up in the morning?

    You can use the alarm option and turn Hue into your morning wake up call. It certainly beats the shock of an alarm clock.

    Just set your lights to gradually brighten over time, waking you up in a rather more civilized fashion. Better still, why not create a scene from the image of a dawn sun and turn Hue into your own personal sunrise? That’s something worth getting up for.

  • Does the app influence other programs on the computer/mobile?

    No. The Hue app is very well behaved. It won’t affect any other programs or apps on your phone or computer. It’ll just affect your Hue lights.

  • Does it have a memory function?

    Yes, you can save up to 90 lighting presets. The Hue community even allows you to share your favorite presets with other Hue lovers.

  • How many colors can Hue create?

    You can set Hue to any color in the spectrum. But it can’t do grey, black or brown that well. After all, it is a light, so it recreates colors that are made with light.

    If it can’t match the exact color, Hue will look for the nearest color instead. Plus, don’t forget about all the shades of white light, from warm yellow white to cool blue white. And everything in between.

  • Are there other apps that work with Hue bulbs?

    Yes, there are many third party apps which can be found in the app store or Google Play store. Just search for "Hue". A selection of them can also be found on the Apps we like page of this website.

  • How can I block a smart device to control my lamps?

    You can do it via the portal if the device is "activate online". To deactivate, log in to, go under settings (Upper right corner) then "My apps". The page will display all the devices that are connected and allow you to remove their access.

  • So, what data are you collecting about me?

    If you haven’t made an account on the Hue website, Philips only logs the IP address of your bridge. And we only do that so the app can find it.

    Once you’ve made an account online, we also keep track of the current status of your lights. And we need to know that so we can tell you if they’re on or off, or whether they’re set to a specific scene. Our Terms & Conditions cover all these points.

  • Is Hue vulnerable to hacking?

    The Hue system uses industry standard encryption and authentication techniques to ensure that unauthorized persons cannot gain access to your Hue system. A successful attack requires that a computer on your private local network is compromised to send commands internally to the Hue system. In English, this means there is very limited security risk if your home network is properly protected, as traffic passing between your devices and across the internet will remain fully secure. However, if an attack is made upon your home network, everything contained within that network can be compromised. Hue is an open platform; therefore if your network did become compromised it would be at risk of being controlled. In the unlikely event that this happens, just unplug your Hue bridge to use the bulbs as normal LED lights until your home network is fixed.

    Our main advice is to take steps to ensure your home is secured from malicious attacks at a network level, in order to protect all of your devices, including Hue. For assistance on how to protect your home network please contact your internet service provider.

  • I accidently broke/dropped my lamp. Can I have it replaced?

    Accidents happen, we understand, but unfortunately the broken lamp cannot be replaced. You will need to buy a new single bulb.

  • Are there other products that work with Hue?

    Yes! Recently we have added friends of Hue. The LightStrip is a 2 meter LED strip which can be bend and fixed wherever and however you want. It gives you complete design freedom and is simply a magical source of light. Also, we have now launched the LivingColors Bloom as a friend of Hue. This means Hue will now be able to directly recognize your favorite LivingColors when adding new lights to your current Hue set-up. We are happy to welcome our new friends to the Hue family! As well as you are now able to link your Hue to your Ambilight Philips TV.

  • Can I install my Hue kit that I bought in US, in Europe?

    No unfortunately due to difference in voltages on the mains, you cannot use the starter kit bought in US for Europe and the other way around.

  • If my voltage is 230V, can I use Hue starter kit?

    Yes, you can use the European kit that can be used for 220-240V.

  • What are the numbers mentioned in the Alarm settings?

    These are not minutes and seconds but hours and minutes.

  • How do I create a my Hue account?

    Tap ‘log in to my Hue’, tap ‘log in’, create ‘my Hue’ account, chose if your want to log in with Google account or scroll to bottom of page and tap ‘create account’ and follow instructions. 

  • How can I remove/delete lights from my Hue system?

    Go to side bar menu -> Settings -> My lights.

    When tapping the trash icon the app goes into delete mode.

    Select the light you want to remove and follow onscreen instructions.

    Note: the related light starts blinking when you select “delete”.


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