My switch doesn’t work, what can I do?

  • Check if you pulled out the plastic strip sticking out of the battery compartment, if not pull out the plastic strip.
  • Check if you’re not too far from your lamp. The reach should be maximum 12 meter.
  • If you have mounted to a metal surface, this can influence the reachability of the switch at large distances.
  • If the LED indicator is green when pushing the button, the switch is working. Check if the Philips Hue white lamp switches on when using the wall switch.

If this is not working at all you can do a soft reset of the dimmer switch. Press and hold the 4 buttons at the same time. Release the four buttons when the LED turns green. After a few seconds the Hue dimmer switch should be found again by the Hue bridge and you're good to go.

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