Ambilight + Hue

  • In what specific situations do you expect people to use the Ambilight+Hue app?

    As the smart Ambilight algorithms of the TV are by means of the app transferred to the set of Hue lamps, the whole TV experience will be even more immersive. We imagine this will be very attractive for people that want to create a special TV night at home. Already today, there are many dedicated Ambilight fans, as you can see for example on the many YouTube postings. With the new app in relation to the Hue light bulbs, there will be new possibilities for creating a special ambient mood. For instance, when organizing a home party, you can display video clips on the TV set, while enjoying the expanded light experience, as well as generating pulsing light effects with the Hue app on top. We expect that in the time to come we will see many more new user scenarios. The Philips Hue system is built as open source software, so people can create new apps for this purpose on top.

  • When will the Ambilight+Hue app be available?

    The Ambilight+Hue app is already available in the iOS App Store or in the Google Play store.

  • Which Philips TVs will support the app?

    All Philips Smart TVs with Ambilight for the European markets from 2011 onwards, and from 2014 onwards for Latin America.

  • Can you control the app via the TV remote control or via your MyRemote app?

    For the moment the interaction takes place with a compatible iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.


  • Will you make the app available for other platforms as well, such as Windows or Blackberry?

    For the moment we concentrate on iOS and Android, as these platforms are by far the most used today.

  • Can users connect more than one set of Hue lamps to the app?

    Yes, that is possible. The app can work with all Hue lamps connected to a single Hue bridge.

  • Can users also tune the effect of the Hue lamps that is generated by the Ambilight TV?

    Yes, users can choose between static and dynamic mode, so they can adapt to their actual preferences. The app automatically sets Hue lamps that are positioned at a wider distance from the TV to a calmer, static setting. This is to avoid a flickering sensation at the back or sides of the viewers. Furthermore, users can make the lamps to really follow the Ambilight effects, either make the lamps to become almost static. And as we work with an on-screen slider, users can also select a setting in between the extremes.


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