Lamp/Luminaire release notes

You can check, if your Hue lamps and Hue luminaires are up to date.
Make sure your lamps/luminaires are powered (can be switched off form the app) before enabling the Huelabs link.
Go to and follow onscreen instructions.
(For the best experience while using HueLabs, we recommend to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Oct 3, 2016

 Software version(s):,,,, 1.15.2_r19181 and 1.16.1_r19181.

  • Related products are Hue A19, Hue GU10, Hue Go, Hue Beyond, BR30, LightStrip plus and Hue connected luminaires
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements


Dec 3, 2014

 Software version: 66013452

  • Related products are hue A19 and BR30 downlight bulbs and Friends of hue: LightStrips and Living Colors (Bloom, Iris and Aura)
  • hue Tap range is extended if lamp in between Tap and bridge is powered
  • Faster start-up when using the wall switch
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements