Philips Hue White
E 26 starter kit

Get started with Philips Hue white bulbs and experience peace of mind by controlling your lights wherever you are.

  • Light schedules for home automation
  • Away-from-home control
  • Apple HomeKit compatible

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  • Smart control

    Control your lights, your way

  • Away-from-home control

    Control your lights from anywhere

  • Light Schedules

    Program your lights for easy home automation

  • Comfort Dimming

    Smooth wireless dimming

  • Create your Ambience

    Create a comfortable ambience from warm sunlight to cool day light

  • Wake-up

    Program your lights for easy home automation

  • Wellbeing

    Feel better with natural light that helps you to energize, concentrate, read and relax.

  • Paint with Light

    Decorate your home with 16 million colors

  • Sync with Music

    Light up every beat of your favorite song

  • Sync with Movies

    Extend your TV experience to the whole room

How to expand
your Philips Hue system  

You can always grow your Philips Hue family. Once you've set up your Philips Hue system, you can go on and add up to 50 Philips Hue lights, luminaires, switches and other accessories. Just power them and add them to your system via the Philips Hue app. After your app has found the new products, you can name them and add them to new or existing scenes. Even more Philips Hue to enjoy.

Philips Hue White E26 starter kit

Light schedules for home automation

Philips Hue can make it seem like you're home when you're not, using the schedule function in the Philips Hue app. Set the lights to come on at a pre-set time, so the lights are on when you arrive home. You can even set rooms to light up at different times. And of course, you can let the lights turn off gradually in the night, so you never have to worry whether you've left any lights on.

Away-from-home control

You can control your lights remotely wherever you are. Check if you have forgotten to switch your lights off before you left your home, and switch them on if you are working late.

Apple HomeKit compatible

The Philips Hue white starter kit is compatible with Apple HomeKit technology. Ask Siri to turn on or dim your lights or recall presets without touching a single button. Via third party apps you can even link your lights to other Apple HomeKit enabled devices.

Comfort dimming

Experience guaranteed smooth dimming with Philips Hue. Not too bright. Not too dark. Just right. No need for wires, an electrician or installation.

Smart control

Connect your Philips Hue lights with the bridge and start discovering the endless possibilites. Control your lights from your smartphone or tablet via the Philips Hue app, or add switches to your system to activate your lights. Set timers, notifications, alarms, and more for the full Philips Hue experience.

Philips Hue White E26 starter kit

Philips Hue white A19 Bulb

E26 single contact medium screw base fitting
0.5 W Standby power
A19 form factor
Nominal lifetime 25,000 Hours
50,000 switch cycles
Instant On
Software upgradable when connected to the Philips Hue bridge
Philips Hue white A19 Light Output

Light output 800 lm
Color temperature 2700K (soft white)
High quality dimmable white light
Beam angle 180° ± 20°
>80 CRI
What's in the Starter Kit

2× Philips Hue white light bulbs
1× bridge
1× Ethernet cable
1× power adapter
The bridge

Max 50 bulbs per bridge and 12 Philips Hue accessories per bridge
Power consumption:300mA typ
Zigbee Light link protocol 1.0 certified
Frequency band 2400–2483.5 MHz
Dimensions: 3.5 inch * 3.5 inch * 1 inch
Desktop or wall mounted
Software upgradable
Power supply

100–240 V AC / 50–60Hz
Output voltage: 5 V DC 2A
Standby power: 1.5W Max

Operational temperature: 32°F – 104°F
Operational humidity: 0% < H < 90%
(non condensing)

Power Output

100–240 V AC / 50–60Hz

Output voltage: 5 V DC 600mA

Standby power: 1,5 W max

What's supported

iOS 8.0 and upwards on iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus

For Home Kit compatibility only iOS 9.0

iPad 2, 3rd and 4th generation

iPad Air 1, 2

iPad Mini 1, 2, 3

iPod touch 5th generation


2 year limited warranty


Operational temperature: 14°F- 113°F

Operational humidity: 5% < H < 95%

(non condensing)

Also tested on

Android 2.3 and upwards on:

Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5

Google Nexus 5, Motorola Nexus 6, Google Nexus 7

Note, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4

OnePlus One


Sony Xperia Z3

Philips Hue White E26 starter kit

User Manual Hue Starter Kit

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