LivingColors Iris

Decoration matched to your mood

Match your light to any mood by selecting a picture as a palette in the hue app, or play around with the slowly changing dynamic scenes with Goldee and Espresso.

Sync with music and Ambilight

Create stunning light shows synced with your favorite music. Whether slow and relaxing or the coolest party in town, use LightStrips to bring to life objects and corners. Experiment with AmbifyHue-DiscoMuesic or Splyce or enhance your TV-viewing experience with the Ambilight app. Or link your lights to soccer with OnSwitch.”

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Alarms, timers, and notifications

Wake up naturally with light slowly increasing. If you are away from home, turn on Iris at random times to simulate you are there, or use IFTTT to link your Iris to any of the existing services.


Freedom of placement

Iris is designed to create indirect ambient lighting and is a perfect way to give highlight to your favorite furniture or architectural features in your home. Positioned on the floor to illuminate an empty wall or corner, placed on top of larger furniture or on bed-side table, Iris is suited for larger rooms thanks to higher output. And because it is a plug-based product, you can easily move it around and place it where a power socket is available.


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