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Your personal wireless lighting that lets you easily control your light from your device and create the right ambience for your every moments. Meet the world's most connected light. It will change the way you use light.


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Create white room ambiance with app controlled led lights - Hue white light


Easy control and comfort

Control your smart lights from your bedroom to your backyard. It’s all about simplifying your life.
Turn on the reading mood lights - Hue white ambiance

White ambiance

Light for your moments

Customize your daily routines into moments you can enjoy. Philips Hue can wake you up and help you energize, read, concentrate and relax.
Colour changing  light bulb | Smart lighting

White and color ambiance

Limitless possibilities

Turn your everyday lighting into an extraordinary experience. Play with colors or sync your smart lights with your music and movies.
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Connected lights

To start and expand your Hue system

Smart controls

To control your wireless connected light sources


Motion Sensor

White ambiance

White and color ambiance

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