(Some of) the lights on my Hue bridge are off. What should I do?

The different lights on your Hue bridge relate to different things. So it depends on which one is off:

All lights are off:

Are you sure that the Hue bridge has power? Check the wall plug.

Lights 2 and 3 are off:

Check if your Hue bridge is connected to the Wi-Fi router. It needs to be hard wired into the router, using the network cable provided. Also, make sure the Wi-Fi router has mains power.

Light 3 is off or blinking:

Is your Wi-Fi router connected to the internet? You might be having trouble with your internet connection. Check if your other devices are online.

The big button in the middle is off:

Your Hue bridge can’t find your bulbs. First, you need to check if all the hue lights have power, via the wall switch or a free standing lamp plug. Then restart your app and follow onscreen instructions. If none of these option help, please contact our customer support for further assistance.

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